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GP tells of horror at scene of Cumbrian shootings

By Gareth Iacobucci

A GP caught up in the Cumbria shooting rampage has told of ‘horrific' scenes as he was forced to attend to the wounded and identify the body of a person he knew in the street.

Dr Barrie Walker, a GP in Seascale, described how the scene unfolded after a gunman opened fire at a number of locations across west Cumbria, killing at least 12 people and injuring at least 25 others.

Dr Walker told the BBC of the ‘blood flowing in the street' in the small village where he and a colleague certified two people dead.

He said: ‘The surgery was called and I went out. I've certified one of them dead. My colleague saw another. I knew the person I identified.'

‘We are talking about people with serious shotgun injuries lying on the pavement in the village. It was fairly horrific. There was an aura of shock in the village.'

He added: 'Blood flowing in the street is not a normal occurrence. The public were incredibly shocked and obviously very frightened.'

Police said the body of shooting suspect Derrick Bird had been found in a wooded area near Boot in the Lake District, and that he was believed to have taken his own life.

Ambulance (Credit didbygraham, Flickr)