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GPC no longer fit to be our champion

I am utterly appalled at the GPC's record of negotiations with the Department of Health and NHS Employers. Whose side are they on?

Will the health minister provide us with letters to send to our suppliers, (gas, electricity, rates, defence body) confirming that the Government compels them to reduce their prices to us by 1% before it picks up the tab for the rest?

GP practices have already made huge efforts to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

But patients will not obey the instruction to have 1% fewer illnesses this year, and even if they did, we have already committed to pay our staff.

Will the BMA or the nursing unions confirm they are happy for employed staff to take a wage cut this year? No, I thought not.

The GPC is hopeless, and we are way past the time when it should have been replaced. The QOF was heralded as ‘no new work without new money', but having continued to do the work, we have been docked money and points every year. Has the GPC not noticed?

Is there nobody out there competent to negotiate sensible contracts on behalf of British GPs?

From Dr David Church
Machynlleth, Wales