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#GPnews: Lansley claims Brexit will stop NHS from making £22bn savings

17:15 Former health secretary Andrew Lansley does not believe NHS can save £22bn by 2020.

Speaking at the Health+Care conference about Brexit’s effect on NHS, he said tax revenue would now be down and deficit wider.

The Remain supporter also said the Leave campaign pledge of £350m a week was also never ‘remotely’ a possibility.

12:55 NHS England has sent this tweet in support of its EU staff this afternoon.

12:05 The Heart UK charity has reacted tothe statins story. Heart UK says that there have been ’unfounded fears over statins’.

Dr Handrean Soran, chair of Heart UK’s medical, scientific and research committee, said: “This report may be only the tip of the iceberg. Not only do patients stop taking life-saving medicines because of misleading reports about statins, but they are also often reluctant to take any in the first place which puts them at very high risk of a heart attack or stroke.’

11:40  Tory MP and former GP Dr Sarah Wollaston retweeted a post by NHS England earlier, which celebrates the great work of EU staff working in the NHS.

It comes days after the UK voted to leave the EU, which has subsequently prompted the launch of social media campaigns by those lamenting the referendum result – showing support for EU staff working in the NHS. 

9:45 This morning we are leading with a study which reveals that up to 200,000 patients may have stopped taking statins because of the widespread media coverage surrounding the controversy over the drugs’ risks and benefits. 

All the national newspapers picked up the story this morning – outlining the study’s key estimations which claim there was a big decline in the number of patients stopping their statins treatment – six months after a period of intense media coverage on the topic. 

The Telegraph lead its coverage highlighting the suggestion that the rapid decline in the usage of the drugs could result in more than 2,000 more people suffering heart attacks and strokes.

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