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#GPnews: Patients with cancer ‘fear GP receptionists’

16:30 Pregnant women may have to start showing their passports before being helped with giving birth, reports the Independent.

The proposal, in a bid to crack down on so-called ‘health tourism’, where non UK residents make use of NHS services, has been floated by a London NHS trust.

St George’s University Hospitals Foundation Trust said women would be asked for photo ID or proof of residency under a pilot supported by the Government.

15:10 A petition for Parliament to look into the problems with primary care support services has attracted 3,000 signatures.

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12:30 Today is World Obesity Day and the Telegraph warns that ‘Britain is eating itself to death’.

In a comment piece, Conservative peer Anne Jenkins writes that the Government’s childhood obesity strategy is ‘a disappointing cop-out’ and ‘a missed opportunity to work towards improving our economy and the life chances of our poorest children, who are three times more likely to be obese’.

GP experts have previously slammed the ‘weak’ and ‘watered down’ plan.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver also called for governments to step in to solve the growing crisis…

09:40 The news this morning from a cancer charity concerned about patients not going to see their GP when they need to is making the headlines across news outlets.

For example, the Daily Mail warns that four in ten GP patients fail to contact their surgery because of fears over ‘prying’ receptionists – even if they fear they have cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.

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