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#GPnews: RCGP reacts to ‘disappointing’ media take on emergency cancer diagnoses

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CCGs cutting spending on mental health despite NHS pledges

Third of emergency cancer patients ‘had not seen GP’

17:05 People over 50 should do moderate exercise several times a week to keep their brains sharp, say scientists.

A review of existing studies found it was important to exercise muscles, including the heart, reports the BBC.

The link was thought to be down to oxygen levels in the brain, as well as other nutrients transported there by the blood stream.

11:25 As Pulse reports today, a study found a third of patients diagnosed with cancer in an emergency setting had not been to see their GP first.

However the RCGP has expressed concern about mainstream media’s take on the study, with the college saying it will be issuing ‘strong rebuttals’.

For example, the Daily Mail claimed there was ‘an alarming toll’ of patients ‘sent away’ repeatedly without a diagnosis.

09:30 A Pulse investigation, covered today by the Independent,the Sun and the Belfast Telegraph, has revealed that the Government’s pledge to bring mental health spending in line with physical health is not materialising.

A Freedom of Information Act request submitted by Pulse to CCGs showed that five areas are actually cutting spending this year, amounting to nearly £5m in total.

GP leaders said this meant mounting pressure on GPs, who were forced to pick up where other services were faltering.

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