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#GPnews: Scotland calls for replica of England’s GP rescue package

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GPC refuses to rule out mass resignation following support package

NHS promises to address rising indemnity fees but stops short of full funding

14:52 Despite a mixed welcome in England, some Scottish GP leaders have demanded their own GP Forward View.

Peeking south of the border, RCGP Scotland urged all political parties to pledge to ‘replicate’ NHS England ahead of elections to the Scottish Parliament on 5 May.

College chair Dr Miles Mack said that Scottish general practice needs an extra £270million by 2020/21 to give it ‘comparable security’ and to allow the profession to ‘flourish’.

He said: ‘In the run up to the Scottish Elections we are asking that all political parties replicate this commitment to ensure general practice is allowed to flourish to ensure the future of the NHS in Scotland… England now has the security of knowing that its general practice service is safe and will remain.’

13:00 Patients are being urged to prepare for the junior doctor strike days next week (Tuesday and Wednesday), and to stay away from A&E unless they are having a genuine emergency.

The NHS Choices list of acceptable health concerns to turn up to A&E with includes broken limbs or severe head injury; loss of consciousness; acute confused state; fits; severe chest pain; breathing difficulties; severe bleeding that can’t be stopped; severe allergic reactions; and severe burns or scalds.

The guide adds that while GP practices ’will be open and working as normal during the industrial action’ GPs ’may experience greater demand than normal over this period, so contact them early if you need advice or an appointment’.

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A&Es will remain open, run by senior doctors, while junior doctors withdraw all labour including urgent and emergency care on 26 and 27 April due to their contract dispute with Government.

But, as Pulse reported earlier this week, GPs in some areas have been instructed not to accept pre-bookings on the strike days.

12:40 Over nine in ten men (92%) have no idea what the prostate does, over half (54%) don’t know where it is, and some don’t even know they have it, reports the Independent.

Prostate Cancer UK said the vast ignorance surrounding the prostate could ‘prove lethal’ for many, as prostate cancer kills more than 10,000 a year.

The paper helpfully added that the gland ’helps make the fluid for sperm and helps men ejaculate’, while cancer symptoms include ’a need to urinate frequently, especially at night, difficulty starting urination or holding back urine, painful urination, difficulty having an erection and blood in urine or semen’.

09:50 Pulse’s top story this morning reveals that the GPC has not ruled out mass action in protest over the GP crisis.

This comes despite the GPC executive cautiously welcoming the Government’s General Practice Forward View yesterday.

GPC highlighted a number of issues that still need to be solved, including rising cost of indemnity – which the Government has said it will not fund.

And some GPC members were not too welcoming of the rescue pack.

Leicestershire LMC chief executive Dr Chris Hewitt called it ‘a potentially very dangerous document’.

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