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GPs air their views: Best opinion and debates from 2013

We regularly reserve space on PulseToday so that GPs can vent, discuss and air their views on issues relevant to general practice. Here are the best-read opinions and debates from 2013 and a selection of the rest from the Editor. If you have a strong opinion on any of the issues raised and would like to write something for PulseToday email

Editor’s picks

GP? I’d rather be known as a primary care consultant

Dr Pipin Singh argues that, as general practice changes, so should the name of the job




Take back out-of-hours? We would if we could

Competition rules are stacked against smaller providers, says Dr Deborah Colvin





Hunt: This year will define GPs’ role in the NHS

Challenges in 2013 will prove a ‘sink or swim’ moment for the profession, says the health secretary




Confidence crisis has created trainee shortfall

Dr David Bailey on the four things general practice needs to boost GP recruitment



We must not be afraid of discussing the consequences of having more female GPs

Stories have quoted me out of context, writes health minister Anna Soubry




QOF should be no more than 15% of practice income

Professor Martin Roland discusses the pitfalls of the framework




Burnout is a political issue, and one we must tackle this year

2013 became a ‘perfect storm’ for stress, writes Professor Gerada





GPs must speak out against plans to charge migrants

Charging migrants would cost taxpayers more than it would save, writes Dr Paquita de Zulueta




Lewisham A&E closure knocked my faith in commissioning

CCG chair Dr Helen Tattersfield on whether there is a future in clinical commissioning






The profession must address potential racial bias

Dr Krishna Kasaraneni discusses the CSA and how the profession can move forward





Most read


Patient demand is driving GPs into the ground

‘Cyberchondriacs’ and ‘worried well’ must learn to use the GP properly, writes Dr Fiona Cornish




The profession must face up to the reality of GP burnout

GPs must be honest about the stress and workload they face, writes Dr Sarah Khan




Peverley’s attack on benefit claimants was wrong-headed

Having worked for Atos, I should know, writes Dr Greg Wood





The NHS has always relied on Asian GPs, and will need them even more in future

Dr Nagendra Sarmah on coming to the UK from India



My experience of burnout has led me to help others

Burnout is about protecting individuals as well as the NHS, writes Dr Chris Manning




‘Good enough’ must be the standard for revalidation

GPs must speak out against the GMC’s illogical demands, writes Dr Sarah Grey




We should not dismiss taking back out-of-hours care

Dr Bob Morley asks GPs to consider whether taking back out-of-hours would be a bad thing




NHS 111 needs radical change to be effective

Why has the ‘soft launch’ of 111 ailed in some areas but not others asks Dr Mark Reynolds




An exodus of partners will alienate young GPs and locums

The profession faces a rough ride if partners walk away says Dr Amy Small




General practice has an image problem

Dr Amanda Howe argues that the profession needs to change its reputation at medical schools