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GPs report increased waits, the ‘amazing’ new heart attack jab, and the hidden allergen in UK playgrounds

By Ellie Broughton

Our round-up of the health headlines on Tuesday 19 April.

The Guardian reports on a Pulse survey that shows GPs have reported significant restrictions on services. The survey of 500 GPs - commissioned by Spire Healthcare - found PCTs were already restricting services in order to balance the books before the Government replaces them with GP consortia.

One in ten said waiting times were up for oncology while over three quarters said they were experiencing cuts in infertility services in their area. See our story on the Spire survey by clicking this link.

In other news, a new heart attack jab could be even better than statins, according to the Telegraph. One injection of the new treatment can halve scarring up to 12 hours after a seizure or stroke, and the breakthrough is being hailed as the 'biggest ever' in fighting Britain's two major killers. British-based scientists have developed the antibody treatment that reduces damage to the heart muscle and brain cell, and human trials of the drug are expected to start in the next two years.

However, it's a bleaker outlook for Britain's youngsters. The Daily Mail has found that a shocking one in six schools has banned conkers over fear of nut allergies. Leapfrog, marbles and British bulldog are also potential health hazards. Daily Digest's own studies show that 'Nintendo thumb' is now a much more prevalent condition among Britain's playground-phobic children.

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