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GPs share their career stories: The best working life articles from 2013

Pulse’s classic Working Life feature was revived in 2013, looking at different GPs and what they gain from their work in general practice.

Who has inspired you this year? Leave a comment on your favourite article to let us know.

Editor’s choice:

Photo essay: Dr David Weinstein

A GP and photographer explains the idea behind their remake of an iconic photo essay

Brief Encounters: RCGP chair, Dr Maureen Baker

Dr Maureen Baker talks about growing up in Lanarkshire and her best tips from GP trainers

Why I chose… working with homeless people

Dr Nigel Hewett explains why he chose to work with this vulnerable group of patients

How I combine research with general practice

Dr Clare Taylor explains how mixing academic, clinical and teaching work has kept her inspired

Why I launched a service for stressed doctors

Dr Sara Khan explains why she decided to set up a not-for-profit service to help prevent GP burnout

Why I chose…to work as a GP assessor

Dr Mei Ling Denney on being an MRCGP examiner

The rewards and challenges of running an LMC

Dr Nigel Watson explains what his job involves

Why trauma medicine gives me a real buzz

Dr Phil Brown explains how he juggles a role as a pre-hospital doctor and as a GP partner

Why I chose… NHS leadership

Dr Penny Newman explains how she combines general practice with a senior management role

Why I chose… Working in travel medicine

Dr Mike Townend explains why he left general practice

Most read:



Life as a GP columnist and media doctor

Dr Ellie Cannon on how she came to work at Sky News

Why I chose…. to be a media doctor

Dr Ayan Panja explains how he fell into a broadcasting career after life as a GP

Day in the life of a doctor at Freedom from Torture

Dr Angela Burnett describes a typical day at her charity for the survivors of torture

What I’ve learned triaging admissions

Dr Chris Johns triages acute cases at his local hospital part-time.

Professor Clare Gerada: How does she do it?

The former RCGP chair explains how she juggles her different roles and family commitments

What I’ve learned from working in the same practice for 30 years

Dr Paul Hobday’s key lessons learnt from a long GP career

What I’ve learned from working in ultra-remote medicine

Dr Daniel Goodare is a GP in western Kazakhstan

Why I chose… seasonal sessions in Wales and France

Dr Zara Bieler describes working as a locum GP in France for six months a year

Day in a Life: Dr Richard Scott

Dr Richard Scott talks about life after cancer, faith and general practice

Why I chose… to work as a CCG chair

Dr Helen Tattersfield explains why she became chairperson of her local commissioning organisation

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