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GPs ‘stripped’ of flu responsibility; woman asks to leave hospital and the invincible granny

By Nigel Praities

Our roundup of health news headlines on Friday 21 January.

The Daily Mail is gleefully reporting that GPs face being 'stripped' of their power to order flu vaccines after the number of people killed by flu doubled to 254.

The quotes from Professor David Salisbury – who is heading up the Government's review of the current arrangements – says that the situation this year ‘must not happen again' but he shies away from pinning the blame on GPs for now.

In other news, the Government is to fine hospitals with mixed sex wards – with the Mail claiming this as a victory for their campaigning. They are still keeping the pressure on the Government with a story this morning that nearly half of all hospitals in England placed patients in mixed-sex wards in December.

The Telegraph looks at transplant technology ‘through the years' after a British woman was given a new larynx. Brenda Jensen says she cannot stop talking after losing her speech 11 years ago – her first words in hospital were ‘Hello, I want to go home'.

In other heart-warming health news, The Mail reports on the invincible great grandmother who has survived cancer five times. The 100-year old woman from Leeds says her remarkable longevity is due to ‘fighting spirit' and a few doses of chemotherapy. Bless her.

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