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GPs told to breach confidentiality of mad gunmen, new German locum case, Brown rice to beat diabetes

By Ian Quinn

Our roundup of health news headlines on Tuesday 15 June.

It's not just GPs in the neighbourhood who will feel the repercussions of the Cumbrian shootings and other recent gun tragedies- now it looks as if all GPs will have to change their practice when it comes to patient confidentiality.

The Guardian reports that after tortured debate the BMA ethics committee has agreed that doctors should breach duty of medical confidentiality if patients who own guns become seriously mentally ill and if they suspect they may use their weapons on themselves or the public.

It says patients owning guns will in future have their records flagged, so GPs can intervene if they suspect a repeat of an incident like the attack by Derrick Bird, which killed 12 people and injured 11 others, could be about to happen.

There is plenty of news this week about GPs themselves in the dock.

With the case of the GP involved in the Baby P case ongoing at the GMC, today's papers also focus on a tribunal involving a German locum accused of making mistakes leading to the death of an elderly patient.

In more cheery news the Daily Mail, which still has most of its staff out scouting for foxes, carries a report that switching from white rice to brown can greatly reduce your risk of developing diabetes-by 16% to be mroe precise.

However, it makes up for it with grim news of the brain tumour threats posed by mobile phones, as well as health warnings over a string of superfoods it claims should come with a health warning, including grapefruit, oily fish and chilli, to name but three.

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Daily Digest - 15 June 10