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Grow your own liver; Pill slows skin cancer and why Florence Cameron is one of the first in an impending ‘baby boom’

By Neha Pathak

Our roundup of health news headlines on Thursday 26 August

The Times reports ‘Corneas grown from human tissue may restore gift of sight to millions' (login required). This follows the successful restoration of the sight of ten men and women with partial blindness via the use of biosynthetic artifical grafts.

This offers new hope to patients who, until now, have relied scarce human donors. Even better, the operation only lasts half an hour!

In the same vein, the Daily mail Reports that sufferers of liver disease may be able to ‘Grow your own liver in a lab within just five years'.

British researchers from the University of Cambridge today revealed today in the Journal of Clinical Investigation that they had successfully converted abnormal liver cells into stem cells to enable them to redevelop as healthy liver cells.

But hold your horses, they are unwilling to share the secrets of how this was achieved - we wait with baited breath.

But that's not all for the discovery of new cures made today.

The Daily Mail also reports: ‘Grapefruit can help treat diabetes' following a study revealing that the fruit helps to increase the body's sensitivity to insulin and mimicks lipid lowering agents fenofibrate and renoglitazone.

The Daily Telegraph front page reads ‘Pill that helps to slow spread of skin cancer'. This reports the results of experimental drug PLX4032 that reduces the rate of cell division and has an 80% success rate in reducing the size of malignant melanomas of patients, a first-time achievement.

The newly arrived Florence Cameron is one of the earliest members of a mini baby boom in the UK. The Telegraph reports the ‘NHS is braced for the baby boom after the big freeze', pointing out that the rise in women giving birth over the next few weeks must be due to the snowy weather experienced nine months ago forcing people to snuggle up and get busy.

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Daily Digest - 26 Aug 2010