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Half of us will get cancer and three-parent babies to go ahead – while 15 million pregnancies are unwanted

Half of people born after 1960 will get cancer in our lifetime, a new study has claimed. The Times reports this could rise to two out of three in today’s children. The good news is that this is mainly because we are living longer, as we are not dying of other things first.

Yesterday MPs voted in favour of allowing the creation of ‘three-parent babies’, where mitochondrial DNA from a third person is used to replace faulty genes and prevent the passing on of genetic disease. The Independent reports that Britain is the first country to do legalise the process.

There are 15 million unwanted pregnancies a year around the world because of a fear of modern contraception, the World Health Organization has said. The poorest women with the least education were the most disadvantaged in the study, the Daily Mail writes.


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