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Health bill battle, hospital closures and all the ‘usual rubbish’…

Our round-up of the health headlines on Tuesday 6 September.

Not sure if you missed that lecture in medical school, but a survey reported in the Telegraph has found that less than half of GPs are unaware of official guidelines on how to diagnose combat-related mental health trauma among service personnel.

Another sort of battle is joined today as the bitterly contested Health and Social Care Bill returns to the House of Commons today amid a growing rebellion among Liberal Democrats, the Guardian reports.

According to the Times [behind paywall] Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has assured Tory colleagues that they will not need to further amend the bill despite doubts in his own party about the legislation.

The BMA is among health bodies that have written to the paper warning of the dangers posed to the NHS by the bill that will see GPs handed commissioning powers and the private sector encouraged to provide more state funded care.

Beyond the reforms, more hospitals should be closed to secure patient safety and ensure the financial viability of NHS trusts, the King’s Fund has said. The Independent’s front-page quotes the think-tank as reporting that public concern and political opposition are ‘major stumbling blocks’ in many reconfigurations which would improve care and save money.

A Telegraph editorial attacks ‘political correctness’ following a report that an advert on an NHS website for a doctor’s position at a Liverpool hospital finished with the words ‘the usual rubbish about equal opportunities.’