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How can you reduce your workload?

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An appeal from the Editor

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Dear Pulse reader,

How many times can we say it? General practice can’t cope.

The endless line of punters at the door every day; a full list before you even look at the ‘extras’ or the home visit requests. It is not quite a war zone out there, but after a Monday morning surgery it sure can feel that way.

GPs are known for their resourcefulness, but right now it is impossible to find any headroom to think through the problems. The profession needs immediate help, but the cavalry is not coming, or at least it won’t be here until 2020 if you believe the GP Forward View.

This is why Pulse has launched a War on Workload this month. We want to gather all those clever little ideas that you use in your practice and publish them so others can follow your example.

They can be as small as a poster on how antibiotics don’t help colds, or as radical as a complete ban on home visits to care homes unless there is an immediate medical need. Please take five minutes to send them to us and we will collect them together to produce a manual for all practices to share. We hope, with your help, to make a seismic difference to the workload that practices have to deal with and help keep everyone’s head above water.

I hope that is a ‘forward view’ all GPs can get behind.

Best wishes,

Nigel Praities

What are we looking for?

Ideally something that costs very little, and could be applied by any GP practice, large or small, such as:

Template letters that you use to bat work back to secondary care.

Practice policies that reverse-engineer workload dump from care homes, hospitals and others.

Educational materials for patients that enable them to self-care when required.

Systems you have in place to ensure that urgent care appointments truly are used for emergencies only.

What should I do?

Please fill in the form below via the link or write to us with a short description of your idea. Just a few sentences would be fine, although please do send any supporting materials if you have them to hand – to  

Click here to fill out the form

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