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How Pulse CPD can help you prepare for appraisal and revalidation

Find out how Pulse's CPD content can help you earn credits towards your annual appraisal and in preparation for revalidation

As part of the preparations for revalidation, the RCGP has advised that all GPs should already be collecting evidence of all their CPD activity.

The CPD credits system is part of the strengthened annual appraisal process that will underpin revalidation and many PCTs are already asking GPs to produce evidence at their appraisal to show they have collected at least 50 CPD credits over the preceding year.

Following the new Government's decision to extend the revalidation pilots for a further year, the new timetable should see the national roll-out of revalidation begin in April 2012. GPs will be expected to provide evidence of 250 CPD credits gained throughout the five-year revalidation period, with at least 50 credits verified at each annual appraisal. These CPD credits will be an important part of a GP's revalidation portfolio, on which PCT responsible officers will recommend GPs for revalidation and the licence to continue practising.

The CPD credits can be for any activity that improves the GP's knowledge and skills in any area of work, with the onus on the GP to self assess the value of the activity and include further reflections on what they have learned and how they will use it in practice.

Every week Pulse's clinical section will contain a new feature ‘Key Questions' which will update you on a specific clinical condition. Plus ‘What's new in..' is a new monthly series informing you of recent developments in a clinical area – based on the RCGP core curriculum.

Then every month we will bring you PulsePlus – where the whole clinical section will be devoted to articles on one subject.

All these can earn you CPD credits. Read the article, then answer our online assessment questionnaire and we will send you a certificate of credits earned towards the 50 you'll need each year for appraisal, and later for revalidation.

This will list the CPD credits received and provides a section for you to record your learning points and how you will use what you have learnt in practice. This document can then be directly included in your appraisal folder and eventually in your revalidation portfolio.

You will also be able to search a library of past CPD articles online and complete the questions if you require credits in a particular area.