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How the papers view the imminent ‘revolution’ in GP commissioning … oh and Bruce Forsyth’s fitness regime

By Nigel Praities

Our round-up of the health news headlines on Friday 9 July.

The Government's plans to hand GPs responsibility for commissioning – due to be published in a White Paper next week - are at the centre of newspaper health coverage this morning.

In a clear case of DH-managed public relations before the health White Paper comes out, it is very hard to spot any difference between each of the articles in The Telegraph, Independent, Daily Mail and on the BBC.

The Mail claims the plans are ‘the most revolutionary in the NHS since 1948' - which would be quite a feat – but says they leave many Tory and Lib Dem MPs ‘uneasy'.

The Independent is a bit less dramatic, calling it a ‘major overhaul' and explaining that health secretary Andrew Lansley has reassured chancellor George Osborne that safeguards would be in place to prevent GPs from ‘wasting public money'.

BBC health reporter Nick Triggle says the proposals will only work if there is ‘strong accountability to ensure doctors do not get themselves into a financial mess'.

‘Everyone involved will be looking to see if the White Paper answers that key question next week,' he says.

Keep checking on PulseToday for news of the White Paper as soon as it comes out.

In other news, Andrew Lansley is under fire from all quarters for his public health plans this morning.

The Daily Mail has a story questioning whether ministers have ‘caved in' to pressure from food firms. Quoted in the newspaper, Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, said the Government was effectively being 'bribed' by junk food firms.

'They have caved-in,' he says. 'This agreement will mean that in turn for money firms will not be subject to as tight a regulation.'

Irish research published in the Telegraph shows that teenage women are more likely to give birth prematurely and have lower-weight babies.

The study of more than 55,000 births shows teenagers are 93% more likely than adult women to give birth early, prompting experts to warn that more must be done to prevent girls becoming pregnant again immediately after giving birth.

And finally, octogenarian Bruce Forsyth demonstrates his yoga moves in the Mail this morning. Although, from the look on his face, he is enjoying it as much as a bad rumba..

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Daily Digest - 9 July 2010