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Hutton warns Government on pensions, why county life is less stressful, and bow-tied renegade given gardening leave

Our roundup of the health headlines on Thursday 23 June

We'll start with pensions today, as the Guardian reports that Lord Hutton, the architect of Labour's pension reforms plan and designer-in-chief of the coalition's controversial public sector pension reforms – will warn ministers today that their plans risk becoming so punitive they could force people out of pension schemes altogether.

Elsewhere, the Telegraph reports how the Government and health watchdogs are tabling proposals to tackle the sub-standard treatment of the elderly on the NHS

A new study trailed in the Mail offers some new advice to dieters: It is the quality of the food you eat, not the quantity, that matters most when it comes to losing weight. That may be so, but we still wouldn't imagine scoffing a packet of donuts would do anyone much good. Unless they're from a luxury Treat Yourself range perhaps..?

The Mail also reports on a separate study that will come as no surprise to anyone, and probably please the Daily Mail's tweed army readership no end. It seems life in the country is less stressful and less likely to lead to depression, while life in the city is more stressful, with those born and raised in urban areas more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. Excuse DD while it reaches for the Prozac.

And finally….the Guardian and others report that a 'bow-tied surgeon' (would he have behaved better if he were wearing a regulation silk number?) who interrupted a hospital visit by Cam and Cleggles last week to tell off a camera crew for not adhering to hygiene regulations, has been placed on gardening leave by his bosses. Free the Bow-Tied one!