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I’ll invest my money elsewhere

I already contribute 25% of my NHS income as an employee and employer

Pulse petition: No to 65

I will opt out if the contributions rise and invest my money elsewhere. That way I will have some control over my future income and be able to leave an asset to my heirs when the time comes.

The Government is at genuine risk of seeing the net contributors to the scheme pull out. There is a pensions fund cap too, which could change again at any time.

Genuine limited industrial action is required if this is pushed through. The media has to know that we pay 14% plus 8.5%. Who else puts more than 22.5% into a pension fund?

From Dr Nigel Wade, Titchfield, Hampshire, via

These proposed changes are totally unfair, especially given the fact that the NHS pension scheme has already recently undergone a significant overhaul. I am very surprised and disappointed in these suggestions from a Conservative-led government, and I think that there is likely to be a mass exodus from the scheme if these changes go ahead.

From Dr Rachel Lewis, Preston, via

No to 65

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