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I’m willing to down tools on NHS reforms

I am one of the forty-somethings who have been in this job long enough to have laid down roots, but not long enough to avoid having my pension promises shattered.

It doesn't matter what mood I wake up in, any mention of the ‘P' word has me seething within seconds.

I hate injustice, and this is injustice in bucketloads.

The Government has ridden an unsustainable wave of fake property wealth and now we are expected to pay by working more years, contributing more and getting less at the end.

Tax me more in line with the whole country and I will do my bit. But we are seen as easy targets somehow.

I am a clinical lead in a commissioning project in West Sussex. GPs downing tools on all health reforms would be an excellent way of passing on our fury and I am up for joining them.


From Dr JP Jackson, Chichester, West Sussex