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Instant messenger with the E-doc

Through the K hole visualises a future where GPs can LOL with patients at all hours of the day.

Welcome to On-line Consultations. Our unique software gives you the freedom to access expert medical opinion at any time of the day or night. Please enter your user name and password and you will automatically be taken to an instant messaging service with your own GP.

HeartSink: Hiya Doc ? it's me again!

E-Doc: Hey ASL pls

HeartSink: 23, Fem, Manchester

E-Doc: Hiya Heart what can I do 4 u ?

HeartSink: It's bout my swab results doc, u txt them 2 me yday. ? I told my boyf, NaughtyBoy, that my swab grew up bacterial vaginosis n he called me minging n a slag n that I must av cheated on him or somethin. And then guess what!?

E-Doc: What????

HeartSink: He hit me!!!

E-Doc: No way, OMG!

HeartSink: Yes way! I tried explainin 2 him that it isn't an STI but he didn't believe me. I was so upset that I drank a bottle of vodka wit those antibiotics u prescribed me n I was like totally mashed. I ended up sleepin wit his friend LOL!

E-Doc: PMSL. Hang on Heart, NaughtyBoy has jus come online. I wonder if he's lookin 2 b referred 4 anger management! Brb

HeartSink: ROFL!!!!, hb doc. Oh there is 1 other thing I wanted 2 ask u bout. I've missed my period and I mite b pregnant, can I request an on-line TOP ASAP?

E-Doc: Heart, anythin is possible wit instant access medicine, txt u l8r.

End of Consultation

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Aberdeen

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