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Instant test for Alzheimer’s; Jelly coloured sweets and a man with smoke coming out of a hole in his neck

By Laura Passi

Our roundup of health news headlines on Friday 12 November.

An instant test at 40 to predict Alzheimer’s‘. According to the Daily Mail the test could become as routine as blood pressure testing in two years. Far from ruining your life at forty, it could actually help you to avoid developing symptoms by changing your diet, taking more exercise or receiving treatment earlier.

America will try to shock smokers into submission with a new picture campaign on cigarette packets. The Independent tells us there are 36 different images. ‘The pictures include one of a corpse and another of a man breathing smoke out of a hole in his neck.’

Ending with a pun, just so you’re warned.

The Daily Mirror gives us: ‘Young people myth the point on cancer

The Teenage Cancer Trust polled young people aged 13 – 24 who believed myths about the causes of cancer such as: ‘a kick in the genitals or eating coloured jelly sweets’ and ‘keeping a mobile phone in your bra’. I just fit into the poll, which means I can get away with admitting; I thought that last one was a genuine risk… LMAO, as teenagers say.

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