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It’s my practice and I’ll drink tea if I want to

I'm so glad that three years ago when McKinsey tried to headhunt me I binned the invitation.

Can we all stop being victims in our thought processes please. I am self-employed, with all the drawbacks that entails, but with the key advantage that I will determine when I take my tea-breaks. Managers, politicians and management consultants, please stop micromanaging me.

Alternatively, you can micromanage me as an employee. My terms of employment would be £200K per annum, 50 hours per week maximum, a car of my choice, non-contributory pension and free life and health insurance. Until you can afford that get out of my hair and leave me to get on with seeing patients, as

I am already set to finish two hours late tonight! How much is that worth... 12 tea-breaks?

Management consultants know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

A response to: Draconian McKinsey plans targeted GP 'tea breaks'

From Dr Peter Holden, Matlock, Derbyshire