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Junior doctors to vote on strike action, Scotland welcomes displaced medics and 14 year olds having lip augmentation

The BMA will ballot junior doctors on whether they should take industrial action over the terms of the new junior doctors contract which was imposed by the Government after negotiations broke down.

According to the BBC, the sticking point in negotiations is that the new contract will define ‘sociable hours’, removing the right to overtime pay on Saturdays and weekdays between 7pm to 10pm.

Chair of the BMA’s UK junior doctors committee, Dr Johann Malawana, said: ‘[The government] have chosen to ride roughshod over the concerns of doctors with their threat of imposition.’

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The Independent reports that the Scottish health minister, Shona Robinson has said their ‘doors were open’ to junior doctors heading north of the border, after Scotland rejected new contract proposals from Westminster.

And finally the Daily Mail reports growing numbers of teenagers undergoing cosmetic procedures, with patients as young as 14 getting treatments like lip fillers from dentists and beauticians.

The story, lifted from an investigation in the Times (£) found lip augmentation procedures being offered by unregulated practitioners sparking condemnation over the lack of scrutiny in the beauty sector.

Beauty blogger Laura Meachem, 23, who suffered a botched lip-filler treatment, said: ’It is quite shocking actually that girls this young would even think about cosmetic work.’