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Kill Bill 3: The SRM, starring Hamish Meldrum, Jacky Davis, and Andrew Lansley

By Gareth Iacobucci

Our roundup of the health news headlines on Wednesday 16 March.

Yesterday's dramatic SRM dominates the headlines this morning. ‘BMA doctors urge ministers to scrap 'top-down reforms' says the Telegraph, with the Independent choosing the very similar ‘Doctors urge the Government to abandon health reform Bill'.

The Guardian leads on the health secretary's reaction. ‘NHS bill will have only minor changes insists Andrew Lansley ' is its headline. They also give their analysis of the move by the BMA here: NHS reforms: what will happen and why and give a bitter taster of some negative headlines to come on GP pay: NHS reforms mean GPs could double their income to 300000 a year .

And you know it's a big story when the red tops get involved too. ‘BMA chiefs demand Andrew Lansley scraps 'dangerous' NHS reforms ' gleefully sums up the Mirror, while, the Sun, desperately searching for a way to retain its pro-Tory stance, bills the vote as ‘Doctors' U-turn'.

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