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Labour wants ‘halt’ to NHS privatisation, hearing voices not an urgent mental health problem and why you should run for five minutes a day

Labour’s shadow health minister Andy Burnham has called for a ‘halt’ to NHS privatisation until the next election after the Department of Health confirmed privatisation in the NHS has risen by 1.3% since the Coalition came into power.

However, the Government said Mr Burnham was ‘playing politics’, writes the BBC, because privatisation was rife also when he was health secretary.

Not even a little boy who ‘hears voices’ can get urgent treatment amid growing queues for children and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) queues, the Guardian reports.

Craig Hammond, a headteacher at a school in the southeast of England said: ‘So we’ve got this kid in school who is hearing voices. He’s in the system, but God knows how long it will take for him to be seen. It’s really quite frightening.’

And lastly some good news: going for just a five-minute run each day could add years to your life, reports the Telegraph. You also don’t have to run very fast, researchers said. Their study found runners were 45% less likely than non-runners to die of strokes or heart attacks and 30% less likely to die at all when studied over a 15-year period.


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