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Let nurses stick to what they do best

I write in response to your article on the evaluation of independent prescribing ('Independent prescribers' skills 'limited'', www.pulse

News: Report shows 'limitations' of independent nurse and pharmacist prescribing

As a practice nurse with 20 years' experience and an honours degree I find the comments expressed spot on.

I am a nurse; I have nursing skills. I am not a doctor. I have not studied medicine for five years and then had a further four years' supervised work and training. I am not trained in examination and diagnosis, so who cares if I do a week- or month-long course that teaches me something about medicines? One needs to be able to accurately diagnose before treating, surely? I do not feel in the least bit demeaned being ‘only' a nurse. Doctors and nurses do different jobs; we need them both, but let's each stick to doing what we do best. In the words of a famous meerkat – simples!

From Mike Brown, Practice nurse, Fochabers, Moray