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Let’s highlight the true cost of pensions

In its Say No to 30% campaign, Pulse promised to highlight the truth and challenge the media inaccuracies regarding pensions. The media is still lumping consultants and GPs together – and nobody has ever mentioned the reality of up to 30% contributions.

While I don’t want to split the profession, it’s time to get the figures right – it’s a simple matter of fairness. Too much rubbish is written in the press and this is crunch time, not only for doctors but for Pulse too.

Will your magazine honour its pledge to highlight the truth about contributions? I urge you to reactivate the Say No to 30% campaign.

From Dr David Iles, Southampton


Editor’s note

Pulse has already begun publicising the sharp rise in pension contributions faced by GPs, with some success – for instance, our survey last month that found GPs were poised to take industrial action was covered in the Daily Telegraph. We’re keen to do more, and will do our best to champion GPs’ cause in the national press as the pensions dispute unfolds. Any thoughts on how we can best make the case would be very welcome.