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Letter of the week: Appraisers are wary of revalidation too

Copperfield expressed the grassroots viewpoint brilliantly well – as usual – when he wrote about the RCGP revalidation proposals (‘Who says perfection is best?'

But I would also like to point out that this is likely to be the view of virtually all the current appraisers.

I'm aware of at least one who attended mandatory appraiser training a couple of months or so ago when they were told about the proposals.

The plans were met with incredulity from all except those ‘leaders' who couldn't take the wackiness of daily GP life, and so have instead retreated into the same fantasy land Government advisers inhabit.

Unfortunately, this is likely to mean that over the next few years those appraisers who really understand the nuances of real general practice will gradually resign. And there is already pressure to have them replaced from outside.

I am sorry for the profession as a whole, and do not envy the younger members who are already somewhat demoralised for other reasons.

Over the years I have often tried to help both over-perfectionist and inadequate mothers by using the term ‘good enough' parenting – reassuring them that this is

a fine and achievable target and they should expect to do no more, nor less, and that to attempt to do so is going to damage somebody – either themselves or their children.

These RCGP proposals will be damaging for the reasons Copperfield states and his column should be framed in gold and sent to every person (not just doctors) in the country.

From Dr Jim Newmark, Bradford

Appraisers are wary of revalidation too