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Letter of the week: How could 50% of doctors not bother to vote?

While being more than pleasantly surprised that a majority of doctors who voted in the pensions ballot agreed to take action, I am a little disheartened that apparently only 50% of doctors actually voted. (Doctors back industrial action over pensions in BMA ballot)

Does that mean they didn’t get their voting papers? Or are they so apathetic that they didn’t bother to vote? Or are they so overjoyed at the prospect of paying more, working until the age of 68 and getting less of a pension, that they had no reason to vote – not even to vote ‘No, No’? Perhaps it was the thought that doing a day’s emergency cover would produce a flood of ‘catch-up’ work the following day?

Why not refuse to co-operate with things we don’t like but which have no effect on patient care – like refusing to be appraised or revalidated (both a waste of time). Any takers?

From Dr Colin Lees, Airdrie, North Lanarkshire via