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Letter of the week: We need premises cash to build for the future

I share the editor’s concerns at the relative disinvestment we have seen in funding available for developing primary care premises in recent years (Premises hold key to future).

I have been in practice for 27 years and took on the ownership of our branch surgery under the cost rent scheme. Property has seen a rise and, more recently, fall in value – the premises are currently in heavy negative equity.

My consolation is that as we are owners of our premises, we have been able to invest and develop as a training practice, recruiting two further partners in Thurrock – a part of the country which has not always been seen as an attractive place to settle into a career in general practice.

We deliver the full range of primary care services – minor surgery, dispensing, dermatology expertise through a GPSI – from two modern premises. At a time when primary care is being asked to deliver more in the way of services requiring an

increasing number of nurses, counsellors, midwives, salaried GPs and partners, and more places to train the next generation of doctors and medical students, we need sustained investment in premises for the future.


From Dr Jeanne D’Mello, Orsett, Essex