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Lib Dems to table bill changes, EU doctors twice as likely to be struck off, and how bananas can fend off stroke

By Gareth Iacobucci

Our round-up of the health headlines on Wednesday 6 April.

Andrew Lansley's NHS reforms are yet again under the microscope this morning, with the Independent reporting that the Liberal Democrats will demand five major changes to the health bill as the price of securing their passage through Parliament.

A quick question for you readers, do you think this means that a) Nick Clegg is finally showing some teeth, or b) Nick Clegg has waited until the House of Commons Health Committee has published its demands before nodding sagely and saying 'I agree with Stephen'. Decide for yourself here

The Telegraph reports that the NHS is to be monitored on breast cancer surgery rates for elderly women, with new NICE guidance stating that patients should be offered surgery and hormone therapy 'irrespective of age'.

'Doctors from EU more likely to blunder ' is a headline that ticks a lot of boxes for the Mail, so much so that you wonder if it came from a random headline generator at DMHQ. However, upon closer inspection, this is based on some actual research from the BMJ that shows doctors from the EU are twice as likely to be struck off as those who trained in Britain.

Some interesting research in the Mail this morning, which has found secret of domestic bliss is having two daughters. It would be safe to say the Digest is aware of plenty of anecdotal evidence against this, but who are we to argue with the boffins.

And finally, good news for monkeys and tennis players, with the Mail reporting that eating three bananas a day could cut the risk of a stroke by 21%.

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