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List of GPC members

The BMA's General Practitioners Committee (GPC) negotiates on behalf of GPs in the UK, and represents all NHS GPs, regardless of whether or not they are BMA members.

Below is the full list of current GPC members for this year's session:

Dr Om Aggarwal
Dr David Bailey
(chair of GPC Wales)
Dr Joanne Bailey
Dr Brian Balmer
Dr Rob Barnett
Dr Stephen David Bassett
Dr Gillian Beck
Dr William Beeby
Dr Marcus Bicknell
Dr Tom Black (chair of GPC Northern Ireland
Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer
Dr Russell Brown
Dr Laurence Buckman (chair)
Dr Andrew Buist
Dr Roger Bulley
Dr Gary Calver
Dr John Canning
Dr Mark Timothy Kingston Corcoran
Dr Paul Cundy
Dr Anand Deshpande
Dr Alan Dow
Dr Michelle Drage
Dr Brian Dunn
Dr Trish Edney
Dr Clarissa Fabre
Dr Peter Fellows
Dr Richard Fieldhouse
Dr Roger Ford
Dr Andrew Green
Dr Sudhir Handa
Dr Peter Holden (negotiator)
Dr John Hughes
Dr Ian Hume
Dr Michael Ingram
Dr Terry John
Dr Charlotte Jones
Dr Jonathan Jones
Dr Chandra Mohan Kanneganti
Dr Krishna Kasaraneni
Dr Stewart Kay
Dr Malcolm Kendrick
Dr Surendra Kumar
Dr Jamie Macpherson
Dr Neil MacRitchie
Dr Dean Marshall (negotiator)
Dr William McAlpine
Dr Beth McCarron-Nash
Dr Mary McCarthy
Dr Mark McCartney
Dr Alan McDevitt
(chair of GPC Scotland)
Dr Helena McKeown
Dr Douglas Moederle-Lumb
Dr Benjamin Molyneux
Dr Robert Morley
Dr Chaand Nagpaul (negotiator)
Ms Susan Overal
Dr Sukhbir Parihar
Dr Julius Parker
Dr Simon John Parkinson
Dr Simon Poole
Dr George Rae
Dr J Rawlinson
Dr Mark Sanford-Wood
Dr Eleanor Scott
Dr Mark Selman
Dr Ron Singer
Dr Amy Ingrid Small
Dr Kamal Sood
Dr Sangeetha Sornalingam
Dr Alan William Stout
Dr Neil Thomas
Dr Richard Vautrey (deputy chair)
Dr Duncan Walling
Dr Guy Watkins
Dr Nigel Watson
Dr Vicky Weeks
Dr Chris Williams
Dr Fay Wilson
Dr David Wrigley