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Local OOH doesn’t have to cost more

Where local GPs are able and willing it seems entirely sensible to recruit them to the work

News: Trusts insist on local GPs in out-of-hours overhaul

They are aware of what facilities are available other than direct admission to hospital, they know the area, they know local colleagues and hence can confidently manage patients until the patients’ own GPs can take over care, they are aware of local priorities and other care pathways and are aware of local prescribing guidelines.

It does not necessarily mean a more expensive service. Constantly undercutting the true cost of providing a comprehensive, safe service makes no sense.

From Dr Khalid Butt, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, via

I think restricting the provision of out-of-hours services to local GPs makes a lot of sense.

The way primary and secondary care services work varies considerably across the UK, and only a GP with local knowledge is likely to be able to get the best out of the system for his or her patients.

In some areas, this may mean that out-of-hours providers have to pay GPs a bit more – but there will be savings, with fewer unnecessary admissions, complaints and coroner’s inquests to deal with as well as greater patient satisfaction.

From Dr Timothy Cantor, West Malling, Kent via