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Londonwide LMCs alert to GPs

Read the email from Londonwide LMCs to GPs offering advice on contacting patients who may have missed treatment under the two- week cancer referral to Imperial College Healthcare Trust.


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Dear Colleague

Londonwide LMCs has been notified that potentially a significant number of patients referred under the 2 week cancer referral rule up to one year ago to Imperial College Healthcare NHS Acute Trust, may not have received an urgent cancer referral.

Your practice may receive a request from Imperial College Healthcare Trust relating to your patient's cancer appointments.  In the event your practice is contacted, Londonwide LMCs' urges practice colleagues to offer all assistance promptly.

To minimise the impact on practices, we have asked Imperial College colleagues to contact potentially affected patients themselves in the first instance to explain the situation. If timely patient contact proves difficult, then Imperial College may request your urgent assistance in contacting your patients or their carers/representatives, in which case Londonwide LMCs anticipates you will wish to respond.

If your practice is approached by colleagues from the Trust and has any issues or concerns related to complying with their request, please let Sue Broome, our Director of Communications know at This will also help Londonwide LMCs and your own LMC to assess the extent of the current problem being experienced by Imperial College Healthcare Trust and its impact on GP practices.

Thank you.