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Make medical students want to be GPs

I agree with Dr Sarah Wollaston's view that medical students should be encouraged to opt for a career in general practice (Recruiting more GPs is the key to future-proofing
the NHS

But a ‘carrot' for GPs rather than a ‘stick' for hospital specialties should be the way forward.

Dr Wollaston's suggestion of disinvestment in hospital training posts to encourage GP recruitment would be the wrong approach. It will encourage doctors to pursue a career in general practice because there is nothing else out there.

Do we really want that kind of GP or would we prefer the ones with a genuine interest in primary care?

I know which one I'd rather see if I was a patient. The focus should be on the positives of a career in general practice and promoting the specialty.

From Dr Krishna Kasaraneni, Chair of the GPC trainees subcommittee and GP in Sheffield