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Men get postnatal depression; call for earlier MMR jabs and cuts force A&E closures

By Ian Quinn

Our roundup of health news headlines on Wednesday 19 May.

Sleepless nights, changing nappies and bottle feeding duties are not the only thing men share with their partners after childbirth, according to new research which claims one in 10 new fathers develop post-natal depression.

Symptoms are most common in the first six months after a baby's birth and men are also more likely to get the ‘baby blues' if their partner did too, report today's papers.

Babies feature strongly in today's press, with a story that children should be given the MMR jab earlier to protect them against measles because of a 'gap' in their immunity, according to new research.

Meanwhile the Daily Record in Scotland has grim news on the latest NHS cuts, revealing an accident and emergency unit in Fife is being closed at nights because of shortages in resources, with emergency cases being diverted nearly 15 miles for treatment.

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Daily Digest - 19 May 2010