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Smaller but still note-worthy awards


• The Dragon’s Den award for business initiative

NHS Telford and Wrekin, for cheerfully doling out personal budgets to patients – only to find it wasn’t part of the pilot allowing it to do so.


• ‘We’re all in this together’ civil service austerity award

Staff at the Department of Health, who a Pulse investigation revealed between them spent nearly five days each month browsing Goldmoney, a website offering ‘the best way to buy gold and silver’.


• The Iain Duncan Smith attack dog of the year

John Healey. Who?


• The Kenny from South Park award

John Healey’s replacement as Labour shadow health secretary, Andy Burnham. No matter how many times he’s killed off, he always comes back to health (third stint now).


• Political coup of the year

Liverpool LMC, for its creative use of Scouser wigs in drumming up enough support from LMC delegates to see the entire annual conference transplanted to Merseyside next year, much to the obvious annoyance of the BMA hierarchy.


• Mixed metaphor of the year

‘Lift up your hat and smell the coffee.’ Not sure where GPC negotiator Dr Peter Holden keeps his Gold Blend.

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