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Milburn attacks the coalition on NHS reform, ageism in the NHS and advances in genetic engineering

By Craig Kenny

Our round-up of the health headlines on Thursday 16 June.

The Government's NHS reforms were denounced as a 'car crash' by former Labour health secretary Alan Milburn in the Daily Telegraph – deeply embarrassing for Cameron, who has appointed Mr Milburn as his social mobility tsar.

Official figures show 'ageism' in NHS cancer care, the Telegraph says. Only half of women over 80 have surgery for breast tumours and women over 70 are a fifth less likely to have surgery than younger women.

The Independent reports that Chinese scientists have genetically engineered a herd of cows to produce something very similar to human breast milk.

Meanwhile, a technique to repair faulty DNA protein-making instructions could lead to breakthroughs in treating cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and certain forms of cancer, The Guardian says.

Also, men who were overweight as teenagers have a 35% greater risk of dying of cancer in later life than their slimmer peers, according to the Daily Mail.

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