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More obese patients eligible for surgery, breakthrough immunotherapy cancer drug, and patient data handed to insurers

The NHS should triple the number of weight-loss surgeries it carries out each year, according to new NICE guidance. The Independent reports that NICE has lowered the threshhold at which obese patients can be considered for bariatric surgery, meaning that in theory up to 2m people could now be eligible.

An experimental drug shown to have completely cured a subgroup of bladder cancer patients has been hailed as a ‘breakthrough therapy’ in the US, says the BBC.

The drug works by blocking a protein, PD-L1, which tumours use to cloak themselves from the immune system. The drug, which been shown to also help patients with non-small cell lung cancer, melanoma, renal cell carcinoma and other cancers, will have to undergo larger randomised clinical trials before it can be used in Europe.

The NHS will continue to sell patient records to private insurers and other third parties, the Telegraph reports.


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