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Mosquitoes to help in the fight against malaria, two new wonder jabs and concern for babies born out-of-hours

By Laura Passi

Our roundup of health news headlines on Friday 16 July.

The Times has published worrying information about babies born out-of-hours. A study in Scotland found that they are ‘significantly more likely to die – mainly from lack of oxygen – than babies born at other times.' Researchers suggested that junior doctors on duty might not recognise complications which ‘could be detected by an experienced hospital consultant'.

Two new wonder injections get a write-up in the press today. The Daily Mail tells us of a '4 in 1 diet jab' that ‘tackles cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and blood pressure'. It is called liraglutide, helping women to ‘drop two dress sizes', and could be available in three years. Not only that but it has a ‘feel-good factor'. Meanwhile, on the front page of the Telegraph we have a 'vaccine that will protect against every type of flu' - the vaccine in question has apparently protected ‘mice and ferrets against deadly levels of flu virus'. So apparently, without exercising or eating well, we can be thin, healthy and a bit happy … hang on, that doesn't sound right!

Over in America, a genetically engineered mosquito has been born. As unlikely as this sounds, it is actually good news, we're told, because it is ‘incapable of transmitting the [malaria] to humans.' This could mean the ‘release of modified mosquitoes into malarial regions of the world to prevent the transmission of one of the world's biggest killers'. Alas, too late for Cheryl Cole...

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