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Most read blogs of 2011

This year’s top ten is dominated by Dr Tony Copperfield and Professor Edzard Ernst, whose blog never fails to split opinion. Dr Phil Peverley may have narrowly missed out on a ‘best columnist’ gong this year, but he has kept readers entertained in his inimitable style.


1. Professor Edzard Ernst: Stop the teaching of pseudoscience

2. Through the K Hole: Glasgow patter meets GMC

3. Professor Edzard Ernst: The end of homeopathy?

4. Jobbing Doctor: A cantankerous old fool?

5. Dr Phil Peverley: Patients ruin everything

6. Copperfield: Dispense with pharmacists

7. Copperfield: Prime Minister? More like a prime idiot

8. Dr Phil Peverley: The perils of Facebook

9. Copperfield: A strange thing happened

10. Copperfield: I didn’t predict a riot


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