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Most read tools and resources of 2011

Here at Pulse we are always looking for new tools and resources that we can provide on the site, here are some of the most popular from the year. Leading the field is a list of payments due to practices after an error in the QMAS system dating back seven years led to a shortfall in payments. With the average GP practice owing around £3,400, including interest, this was a popular list.


1. Revealed: Payment due to your practice after QOF error 9 February

2. Diagram of fibromyalgia pressure points 6 November

3. In full: draft DH guidance on the authorisation of GP commissioners 11 August

4. Map: The fate of PCT-run GP practices 16 August

5. Map: Latest pathfinder GP consortia 2 March

6. Map: COPD spending gap revealed 24 August

7. RCN letter on nurse indemnity 1 November

8. The Hallpike test and Epley manoeuvre 28 January

9. ‘There is no question of introducing price competition’: read Sir David Nicholson’s letter 17 February

10. Letter on NHS reforms from Dr Laurence Buckman 7 October


If you have a useful tool or resource that you use in your daily practise, then please email us here and we will put it on the site for others to use (and will credit you, of course!).