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Most watched videos of 2011


1. ‘This legislation is a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ Dr Helena McKeown at the Special Representative Meeting

2. ‘I have a concern that we maybe are just seeing the bill re-badged’ Dr Clare Gerada on the Government’s ‘listening exercise’ on the health bill

3. ‘There is anger that the Government is not taking our concerns seriously’ Dr Richard Vautrey at the Special Representative Meeting

4. ‘The changes are so massive that outright opposition is the only course’ Dr Ron Singer at a protest outside BMA House

5. ‘The Government has misrepresented the way the NHS is performing’ Dr Steve Hajioff at the Special Representative Meeting

6. ‘We need to be realistic about what we wish for’ Dr Hamish Meldrum address to the Special Representative Meeting

7. ‘Everybody benefits from sessional GPs who are organised, motivated and aren’t isolated’ Dr Richard Fieldhouse on salaried GPs’ morale

8. ‘I would seek to avoid this kind of discontinuity’ Stephen Dorrell on the NHS reforms

9. ‘It’s important that GPs use their discretion to register people who are eligible but not necessarily entitled to care’ Dr Kambiz Boomla on migrant health

10. ‘There is massive anger over pensions changes’ Dr Peter Holden at the LMC’s conference

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