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NHS bosses need ‘leverage’, HPV vaccine ‘waking coma’ and the Gross affects of Korma

Our roundup of the health news headlines on Tuesday 15 November.

NHS trust bosses will struggle to save £0bn because they don’t have the ‘leverage’ to make changes to keep within budget says Mike Farrar, head of the NHS Confederation.

He explains in the Independent that there are three ways to potentially cuts costs; consolidating services, reducing labour costs and growing income, but these are all restricted. He said: ‘If you don’t have the leverage to do the job properly – it is harder to live within your budget.’

Thirteen year old, Lucy Hinks, has been ‘plunged into a waking coma‘ following her third HPV vaccine injection in May, claims the Mirror this morning. She started to suffer from exhaustion and now sleeps for 23 hours a day, her parents say they haven’t seen her eyes in weeks. Her mother said: ‘I would urge parents to get all the facts, and then decide if it’s right for your child.’

The mystery surrounding Lloyd Grossman’s botulism-infested curries continues. Two people contracted botulism after eating his Korma curry sauce (which is usually very delicious) and are fortunately ‘stable and improving’. His agent said: ‘Lloyd is quite devastated about it, as anybody would be. We are all furiously trying to get to the bottom of it.’ Food Standards Agency warned people not to use 350g jars with a best-before date of February 2013 and batch code 1218R 07:21.

One in eight people sleep in bedding that has not been washed for over a month, according to research carried out by Sheilas’ Wheels home insurance, who conducted the annual Bed Bug Audit (you mean you’ve never heard of the bed bug audit?). The survey found that people in Yorkshire are the cleanest, washing their sheets three times a month. However, Londoners are the dirtiest blaming laziness for their dirty behaviour, while 18% of Scottish people avoid washing their bedding to cut costs.