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NHS offering ‘golden goodbyes’, a beer glass that can prevent a hangover and why smiling babies may not be happy babies

By Lilian Anekwe

Our roundup of the health news headlines on Thursday 2 September.

To be honest there's very little else in the papers that isn't about Tony Blair and his memoirs, and if it weren't for the Daily Mail this Daily Digest would have been in serious trouble.

But delving straight in, it seems you get what you pay for as far as strawberries are concerned, according to 'fruit experts' in the Daily Mail, who say organic strawberries are both tastier and more nutritious.

NHS managers who face the sack when PCTs and SHAs are abolished are being offered a payout of up to 137500. The Guardian says, but if you prefer you news about NHS managers a little bit more outraged, check out the Daily Mail's version.

Fish oil could save 10,000 lives a year, the Daily Telegraph says. And while you're busy stocking up on salmon, save some for your new DASH diet – that's the catchy acronym for the much less catchy Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet – which should be rich in smoked salmon, pumpkin pie and sweetcorn and red pepper frittata and could cut the risk of heart disease by a fifth, apparently.

Drinking from a tall, slim glass can prevent a hangover. This is good this is – if you use a wide, squat glass it creates an optical illusion that makes you think you're drinking less than you are and encourages you to fill your glass. But boozehounds pour up to 80% less into slender glasses of the same volume.

Giving children a sugar solution as pain relief doesn't work and is only 'a distraction but doesnt affect the pain', The Independent says. I quite like being distracted by sugar – I have a giant bag of Reeses Pieces on my desk in case of a pain emergency – but babies would be better off with a cuddle from mum, according to UK researchers.

But all this could soon be irrelevant, as the Daily Mail (can't avoid it for long in the Daily Digest, I'm afraid) says painful injections could be made a thing of the past by scientists who have designed vaccines that act as ‘sugar coated pills'.

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