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NHS party ‘could field 50 candidates’

A new political party founded to campaign against the Government's NHS reforms will field up to 50 medical professionals in seats around the country at the next election, the party chair claims.

The National Health Action Party was founded recently as a response to the passing of the Health and Social Care Act, but it will not be a single-issue party, according to its co-chair.

Dr Clive Peedell told Pulse that the National Health Action Party could potentially tackle other issues related to the NHS such as deprivation, housing and public health.

Dr Peedell said the party was looking to field medical professional candidates in 30 to 50 carefully-targeted constituencies in the next general election scheduled for 2015.

He said: ‘We probably have about ten already and will be looking for more. We could get 100 applications for all we know.'

Dr Peedell said that funding streams were now in place and that the party was looking to set up its working structure at a meeting next month.