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NHS reform critics elected to BMA Council

Prominent critics of the Government's health reforms have been elected to represent the profession on BMA Council.

 Dr Clive Peedell, an oncologist who ran six marathons in six days to draw attention to the opposition to the health bill, has been re-elected alongside Lewisham GP Dr Louise Irvine, a member of the BMA London regional council executive and a well-known opponent of the reforms.

Other GPs elected to the Council include Dr Peter Holden, Dr Robert Morley, Dr George Rae and Dr Chaand Nagpaul.

Dr Helena McKeown, a GP in Salisbury and GPC member, was also re-elected onto BMA Council and said she would be fighting to ensure the BMA was involved in shaping how the health act was implemented.

She said:  ‘I think we have to move on to the secondary legislation – there is a lot of work to be done and it isn't over by any means.'

Dr Peedell said he would stand up for the founding principles of the NHS.

He said: ‘My main issue is based on the market-based reforms, and hopefully we can minimise their impact in the next few years.'

‘Hopefully the privatisation of the health service, which is already happening with Virgin taking over services, will be highlighted by the BMA as a major problem.'


Full list of elected candidates (in alphabetical order):

Keith Brent (Consultant, Central Southern)

Kailash Chand (Retired Doctor, North Western)

Andrew Collier (Junior Doctor, North Western)

Thomas Dolphin (Junior Doctor, London)

Peter Holden (General Practice, Central)

Louise Irvine (General Practice, London)

Elizabeth Lee (Medical Student, North Eastern)

Helena McKeown (General Practice, South Western)

Robert Morley (General Practice, Central)

Lewis Morrison (Consultant, Scotland)

Chaand Nagpaul (General Practice, Eastern)

Clive Peedell (Consultant, North Eastern)

Mark Porter (Consultant, Central)

George Rae (General Practice, North Eastern)

Michael Rees (Academic, Wales)

Peter Terry (Consultant, Scotland)

Stephen Watkins (Public Health Medicine, North Western)