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NHS to study effect of aspirin on cancer and SNP must change tack on NHS

The NHS is to fund a major study into the effects of taking daily aspirin on the recurrence of common bowel, breast, oesophageal, prostate or stomach cancers.

The Guardian reports that study will be jointly funded by the health service and Cancer Research UK and will involve 11,000 patients across 100 UK centres, following them for up to 12 years.

Prof Ruth Langley, the chief investigator at the Medical Research Council’s clinical trials unit at University College London, said: ‘If we find that aspirin does stop these cancers returning, it could change future treatment.’

And finally, the Scottish National Party must make ‘fundamental changes’ in its approach to the NHS to avoid a collapse in health care quality, according to Audit Scotland.

The Independent reports that waiting times have ‘deteriorated’ under the SNP and the party has presided over 0.7% real-terms cut to the health budget since 2008/09.

But Scottish health secretary Shona Robinson said Scotland had a record high workforce and ‘had delivered… some of the highest quality and safest healthcare anywhere in the world.’


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