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NHSCC to appraise NHS Commissioning Board

NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) has today announced that it will be delivering a locally led appraisal of the NHS Commissioning Board, a move it claims demonstrates the shift of power from the centre to local.

NHSCC, the organisation formed by the NHS Alliance, NAPC and NHS Confederation to create a new independent CCG voice, says the appraisal will allow the NHS Commissioning Board to ‘respond and develop actions’ that will support clinical commissioning.

Dr Michael Dixon, Interim NHSCC President said: ‘The Health and Social care Act has fundamentally changed the balance ofpower between the centre and local organisations. The existence of the CCG- led appraisal is itself symbolic of the changed relationship between CCGs and the National Commissioning Board.’

He added: ‘NHSCC has made it clear that we believe the success of the NHS Commissioning Board in its duty to promote autonomy should be assessed through a CCG led appraisal
process. It is essential that CCGs and the board support a co-productive relationship. We firmly believe that working with the board through a clear and transparent process will enable them respond and develop actions that will continue to support and develop CCGs, clinical commissioners and broader health and social care in their local areas.’

CCGs are currently going through the authorisation process which involves the NHS Commissioning Board being satisfied CCGs will deliver real outcomes for patients.

Dr Dixon said: ‘We recognise that equally, CCGs have a central role to play in assisting the NHS Commissioning Board to understand how they and their local offices are supporting the work of CCGs. It is also essential feedback is provided to the board on their performance as commissioner of specialised services and primary care. 

‘Working with practices, patients and stakeholders from across health and
social care CCGs are well placed to gather the intelligence needed to hold a
mirror up to the new system.’

The request for a 360 degree appraisal system was made by NHSCC in its response to the draft mandate published by the board earlier this year.